June 19, 2009


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Saturday, November 15, 2008



Hi there. I've been on this blogging sphere (SHE WRITES. YOU WRITE) for about 5 days and I am very grateful for your welcome through viewing, commenting and following my posts. I have come to feel that you have been part of my blogging world and I have been in yours. So why not introduce each other to our cirlce of bloggers? I'm thinking of having exchange links with you and I hope you'll like the idea. On the right corner of my site, you can see a LINKS LINKS LINKS portion. That's where I plan to place your site if you agree to this proposal. I think it would be good for all of us - it's like my viewers will have the chance of knowing you and yours knowing me. It's a WIN-WIN arrangement =D

What do you think?

A. Yes, let's exchange links (pls. specify the site you want to link, if none, I'll assume you want me to link your profile)

B. Nope, I don't have an existing blog yet

C. Others (pls. specify)

Friday, November 14, 2008



There are 2 kinds of train going to Shanghai from our place, the fast train and the regular train. The regular train takes an hour, people inside are smoking, very crowded but costs only 13RMB (about US$2). The fast train however takes 45 minutes, people are not smoking, not so crowded as each one has a reserved seat but cost 35RMB (approximately US$5). My husband prefers the regular train because the time difference is not that big and he's more concerned of the cost. So that qualifies him for the practicality side. On the other hand, my friend Cathy prefers the fast train because it's more convenient - she can sit well and it's really clean. There was even a time that she paid for our ticket just so we all ride the fast train and not the regular train. I'm more of an in-between person. Sometimes I'm practical but other times, it makes sense choosing convenience.

How about you? Are you for convenience or practicality?

YOU WRITE: (please read comments portion for the FULL version of the comments posted)

A. convenience
garbo: I am a flexible person.But if I were to choose, I'd rather go for convenience. I belive that things around us were invented and improved to make life more convenient.
onchie: I would prefer convenience in this situation. I think the pros outweighed the cons. As a non-smoker, I would rather pay more, than sacrifice my health.

B. practicality

C. others (pls. specify)
lee: I'm a mix, too. I decide on a case by case basis.

Thursday, November 13, 2008



My mother-in-law used to tell me that instead of staying up late at night and waking up late the next day, I should sleep early and wake up early. Staying up late at night (or until early morning) isn't a problem for me but waking up early is a real struggle, especially if it's cold or raining! I also like working at night because I think it's more peaceful so I can focus on what I'm doing more. Although I've read that it's healthy to sleep early or at least before 11pm, it's still something I have to force myself to do. Even if I can function well during the day, I still believe I am a night person because of the reasons i stated =D.

How about you? Are you a night or day person?
A. night
B. day
C. others (pls. specify)

YOU WRITE: (please read comments portion for the FULL version of the comments posted)

A. night
mary: I have always been a night person. I can work late into the night...I do most of my work at night as I can focus better when my kids are asleep.I've enjoyed your blog very much.
ramon: Waking up each morning has been easy for me...However, getting up had always been such a task. I close my eyes for a moment and then, ta da! i had slept again! I guess that makes me a night person.
ha.ha.wait.what?: I'm probably more of a night person than a morning person. I hate to wake up in the mornings. I hit my snooze button on my alarm literally like 20-30 times.
reedwrites: I am definitely a night owl. If I didn't have to get up in the morning I would stay up until the morning LOL.Nice blog by the way!
Kathryn: I was once a night person . . . now, by necessity I've had to be a day person. But, I suppose if it were up to me, I'd be a night person.
Every Photo Tells A Story: Night, all the way :)Unless, I have really great plans for the day, then I can get my self going really early.

B. day
lee: Without a doubt, a morning person. Once I wake up and start thinking, that is it. I have to get up. In the evening I start shutting down by 11pm. Sometimes earlier.
meggie: I am an early morning person. I used to be the opposite when I was younger, but now, I love the peace of the early morning.

C. others (pls. specify)
jenners: C. I've found that I am really at my best from about 10:00 am until about 1:00 pm. I am neither a day or night person--I'm a midday person...In reading this, I'm beginning to think I might have a sleep disorder!!!
posh post: Mine would be C.sometimes i am really revved up in the morning. sometimes in the afternoon going into the evening.
henry the dog: I sleep alot of the time but mum and Uncle Hugh normally go to bed about 10pm. I think she's a mid-morning person. That's usually when she starts to come out of her 'zombie' mode - after her millionth cup of coffee.
philip: When I was a bit younger (winking)...I was a night person. Somebody who doesn't miss partying and socializing.But when I grew a little older (smirking)...I think I'd better get a longer rest at night time.:)
amy: Well, I'm a morning person and a night person, but not a middle of the day person...I am pretty productive in the morning...I generally don't go to bed until after midnight.
lynn: I'm a "revolving door" when it comes to sleep. On some nights I'm in bed by seven...Then, on other nights, I'm a night owl and up poking around till ten or eleven...I'm usually awake by six so I can spend a little time with my family before they dash out the door.
mrs.h: I would say I'm both. I love mornings but I really like the quiet stillness of the night too. I'm far more creative at night though.
why: C. I am both. A day person during the week, when I am forced to wake up early for work. A night person on the weekends.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008



When I was in the Philippines, I took a bath anytime I wanted or needed one. It didn't matter if the sun was up or down. All that mattered was if I think I needed one, I'll just go ahead and take a bath. When I was pregnant, I even took a bath 3 times a day in the summer!

When I came to China last year, I learned that most (if not all) Chinese takes a bath at night. When they wake up the next morning, they just brush their teeth, wash their face and rush through the day. Most Filipinos however take a bath in the morning but before we retire at night, we have half baths (washing the body but not the hair). This difference raised an argument between my husband and his co-worker... Our Chinese friends think bath time at night is BEST so they can have a good night sleep. My husband and I think the BEST time to take a bath is in the morning so you can have a fresh start.

How about you? When do you think is the BEST time to take a bath?
A. at night
B. in the morning
C. others (pls. specify)

YOU WRITE: (please read comments portion for the FULL version of the comments posted)

A. at night
brooke: I prefer the evening and the fresh scent of my lotion follows me to my bed and let's me sleep better. PLUS I am not a morning person. ;)
jenners: A - At night. I took your question very literally--a bath in a tub vs. a shower. I rarely take baths (I usually clean via the quicker and more efficient shower in the mornings) but when I do, it is a full-blown production with bubbles, music, candles, a good book/magazine and my little bath pillow.
don: I like to take baths at night, so I can just relax and soak away stress. The morning feels too rushed to take a bath, so I take a shower in the morning.
jada's gigi: I like nighttime baths. I like ending the day with a relaxig shower just before bed. I like to feel all clean when I crawl between my sheets.
saija: i usually shower at night ... after a day of doing, i like to go to sleep showered ... and i don't like water on me in the mornings (plus in a cold country - it seems that much colder to shower in the morning!) ...
ha.ha.wait.what?: I take my shower at night, so I can do the long process of drying and straightening my hair. (That way I don't have to get up early in the morning to do it.)
every photo tells a story: I like to take a long, hot bath at night when I can wind down for bed.Very relaxing and soothing.

B. in the morning
poshpost: for me, it is in the morning. i can't go out or start work without taking a bath. i just take a bath as needed throughout the day, but a morning bath is a must for me. :D
meggie: We always shower in the morning, to begin our day. If it has been a hot day, we also shower in the evening, so we are refreshed to sleep.Any time is OK!@

C. others (pls. specify)
nancy: What an interesting question.. I think it depends on what you do all day...It all depends.
mary: I take a bath in the mornings because it helps me to wake up and to feel fresh. I give my boys a bath at night because it helps them to sleep better.
marriage markers: i take a bath in the morning, sometimes in the afternoon, and then in the evening, before hitting the sack. i don't like going to bed without washing off the day's dirt and grime. lol
flowers: i take a bath throughout the day, sometimes up to 5 times, especially when it is really hot. where i stay, the place is really hot, so i sweat a lot. so i just hit the shower whenever i feel the need to cool off.
henry the dog: Never. My mum never baths me. A nice lady called Claire comes round from time to time and clips my hair off, but mum doesn't believe in bathing dogs.
lee: Ever since the advent of the (supposedly non-existent) climate change and its associated water restrictions we have only had showers. Sniff!I used to have baths in the evening. I always shower in the morning.
ruth: I have two answers to your question. If I shower, which is most days, it's in the morning. If I take a bath (fill the tub with warm water), which is rare, it's at night, and that is rare because it uses a lot of water.
pauline: What an interesting way to learn other customs! For me, when I bathe depends on how dirty I've gotten during the day. If I shower at night (after a day of gardening or hiking etc.), then I merely wash up in the morning.
zunnur: Taking a bath in the morning and in the evening is almost a must for me and most of the people in my country.
philip: Both day and night. I wouldn't dare going out of the house in the morning without taking a bath. And I wouldn't dare to smell bad in my dreams...I might end up having a nightmare!
why: Sometimes I love to shower in the morning, when I need to wake myself up quickly, but I also like to take a nice bath right before bed. It depends. I don't follow a set schedule.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008



My friend Philip will open up GARBO BAG-AHE COMPANY this month. As his friend for more than a decade, I show my support by helping him out with the promotions =). Here are some of the items:




They also have laptop bags, office handbags, hobo handbags and holdall bags. You can visit them at the WORLD TRADE CENTER (Philippines) from 9am to 9pm on the following dates:

Nov 21 - 23: International Christmas Bazaar
Nov 26 - 30 and Dec 19 - 21: Noel 2008 Bazaar

You can avail of the FREE Eco-friendly Shopping Bag when you purchase any of their items.

Personally I would love to have a messenger bag as it is very convenient to carry and very safe! It seems like if they grab my bag, they would have to bring me along! =)

How about you? Which type of bag turns you on?

A. Fashion Handbags

B. Messenger Bags

C. Others (pls. specify)

YOU WRITE: (please read comments portion for the FULL version of the comments posted)

A. Fashion Handbags

flowers: i like the blue striped bag at the end of the first row. :-) how much is it?

henry the dog: I think if I were to choose a bag for my mum it would be the nice stripey blue one 'cause she looks nice in blue.

martha: I like the striped fashion bag. However, I must add that as a female carrying a laptop-I am constantly on the lookout for one that is not so bulky but will carry all the extras-like phone, ipod, cords.

B. Messenger Bags

mary: I like the messenger bags. I'd use one to carry what I need when I am out with my two boys.

missy: i think i would have to say B. messenger bags....i just have alot of stuff and like to keep it all organized....

C. Others (pls. specify)

poshpost: these are nice bags...:-)
marriage markers: i think the khaki tote bag would make a nice mommy bag. :-D
philip: Thanks for the support my dear friend! We'd love you and your readers to visit us during our initial run at World Trade Center.For inquiries, mail us at

armchair housewife: Good for you for starting a blog. As far as handbags, I like whtever I can get second hand that is cute as I can't bring myself to pay retail for a bag. :)

cari, abe, and paige: I choose C. I'm more of a tote kind of girl. Now that I have a baby, it's especially important because I don't have to lug around a purse and a diaper bag.

Monday, November 10, 2008



I am a novice blogger, very new to this world and just testing the waters. I am giving myself until January 2009 to see where this new world will take me. I am not earning from this blog, at least not yet. But I plan to venture in that area someday. For now, reading comments seem to make me happy (or sad if there's none).

How about you? As a blogger, what fulfills you?
A. Earning satisfies me
B. Comment satisfies me
C. Others (pls. specify)

(please read comments portion for the FULL version of the comments posted)

A. Earning satisfies me
Ody: I CHOOSE A....I have made a few bucks from blogging alone- not as much as my cousin-in-law is making, but good enough to compensate my intellectual ideas.hehehe

B.Comment satisfies me
meili_lo: i choose B...i love comments. i'm still not earning so for now, i blog because i love writing, learning from people but i enjoy reading comments the most. thanks to all of you who responded...and to those who are still yet to respond. muchos gracias amigos amigas =)

ha.ha.wait.what?: I chose B. I love to read what people have to say in response to my blog but sadly I don't get many comments. I don't think it would ever come to the point of earning money, I'm definitely not a dooce.

C.Others (pls. specify)
posh post: well i choose A and C...i started blogging basically because i wanted to be read...then eventually, i learned i could earn from blogging.

flowers: i choose B and C...I wanted so much to promote God's glory on the net...this is not an earning blog--purely a blog that seeks to get people to know different facets of a Christian's journey. and how God presents Himself in different circumstances.

marriage markers: i choose C...when i got married, i decided to have another blog that documents milestones in my marriage. hence this blog.

michelle: I choose C... I blog simply to put my thoughts into words. It's very therapeutic and personal for me.

raven: I chose C, followed (several weeks later by A)...I started blogging after losing my job.I am really enjoying blogging and never seem to be short of ideas to write about for my persoanl blog.

alex: I started blogging because I moved to Korea and wanted a way for all of my friends and family to follow what I was up to. More than that, I just like writing.

missy: I choose C...I too am very new to the blogging world but I started so that I could let everybody in our extended family have a chance to see what we have going on in our life...But I also like to get comments.

emma: C was the original reason I started to blog. I wanted to have a colourful record of all the fun times I have in my life...I do enjoy receiving comments though as its nice to share experiences and I love to discover other blogs and read about other people's lives too.

jenners: I just started blogging because I needed a creative outlet and because I am a stay-at-home mom that needed some kind of contact with the grown-up world. The comments and feedback are pretty cool too and definitely helps to keep you posting new posts.

mrs.h: I choose C; other. I just recently discovered Blogger and I am loving it! I just learned about an "earning potential" today by reading your blog. I'm curious to watch your progression and happy to answer more of your surveys.

mary: I CHOOSE C.I started blogging as a way to journal in order to encourage myself. I found that I encourage others too. That is very satisfying.

joanna: C and BI used to keep a journal each day. I took to blogging like I used to journal.C and BI used to keep a journal each day. I took to blogging like I used to journal...But I do enjoy a good comment or response.

c.beth: what a fun blog! Thanks for sharing it with me. I'd have to say A & B both satisfy me, as well as the personal satisfaction of writing daily for the first time ever.

brenda susan: I choose B & C. This has been a great outlet for my thoughts...Also loving the feedback & encouragment from readers comments! they inspire me to do better.

cari, abe, and paige: I choose C. I started a blog for the simple fact that my family lives so far away and I wanted them to be included in my daughter's life...They love it, and I love doing it.

pol: I choose c, because whilst A would be nice and B could be nice, my C is the freedom it gives me...Quite simply I can so I do and it fulfills me.


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