June 19, 2009


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Monday, September 28, 2009


Yipee… I am finally shifting into a new way of blogging. Instead of limiting SheWrites.YouWrite into a Q & A type of blog, I decided to make SheWrites.YouWrite into a general blog. General in a sense that I can blog whatever I want to blog about… That simply means I’ll have more writeups in the coming days (I HOPE!) (wink) I may even have contests in the days to come so you better come and visit SheWrites.YouWrite as frequent as you can!
I realized that I don’t need several blogsite, I just need to categorize them – Whew! It took me months to finally break free from the Q & A kind of blogging. I got tired of thinking WHAT to ask! ;D At least this time, I can just write write write and you can comment comment and comment! (Yes, I am expecting YOUr comments so please feel free to write what’s on your mind, heart and even belly)
SheWrites.YouWrite the blog for everyone ;o)

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