June 19, 2009


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Monday, January 12, 2009



Last month I underwent a blood test that enabled me to find out if my soon to be born baby has the right number of chromosomes needed for a normal child. On our way home, I asked my husband why I had to go through that test. What if our child has more or less chromosomes needed, is there medical intervention to correct the case? He said NO, it's just for us to consider if we will continue or stop the pregnancy because here in China, abortion is legal. That made me think... I don't believe in abortion and I always believed that a fetus is already human and has the right to live. However, this event shook what I have always believed and made me wonder... What if indeed the child will turn out to have down syndrome or other abnormalities? We have a friend that has a child with down syndrome and heart problem - a hole in her heart I think. Because of that, they've been in and out of the heart center for several times. It's painful hearing him say that in those times he sees his child struggle for survival, he almost prayed for God to let her child rest and take her. Luckily he said, she always survived but everyday, they're on their toes because one more attack and everything might be over.

I believe that life in itself is a miracle... But as a mother, seeing my own flesh and blood suffer so much is the last thing I want to happen. When my son was sick and he had difficulty breathing, I had to stay awake all night just to make sure he is positioned properly. I cannot imagine my friend's feeling seeing his daughter in such a critical condition.

My result came out and it says that my child has the right chromosomes... As a believer, I can rely on God's healing mercies to heal my soon to be born child. My faith will rule so I will go on with my pregnancy BUT the human side of me, the mother more specifically, will always wonder if I should go on or stop the pregnancy, if I knew my child had those conditions. Considering also here in China, they have 1 child policy - if they have more than 1 child, they have to pay several thousands of Yuan to the government as penalty. To them, having a normal child is everything.

How about you? Go on or stop with your or your wife's pregnancy in this case?


A. Go on...
B. Stop...
C. Others (pls. specify)

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