June 19, 2009


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Saturday, January 3, 2009



I've been gone for several days and haven't really been in the loop for sometime already. That's because my son's cough has been on and off for almost a month, but this week, it was at its peak. I've tried what I know to help him cope with the coldness and dryness of winter, but I think I've fallen short. They say it's normal here for his age to get sick at this time of the year but I don't like it. It makes me worry because he has just recovered from a mild primary complex, which he developed last winter too. His lung is very fragile at this time and frequent attacks of cough and cold might do so much harm.

With this, I am faced with a dilemma... If we go back to the Philippines now, EJ and his papa will have a long time of separation. Several times we've asked him if it's OK that papa will stay in China while we stay in our hometown, his answer had been a consistent, NO IT'S NOT OK. The other day his dad was able to convince him to say "yes" to the separation because they can still talk on the computer and if he needs someone to carry him, his uncle will be there. However if we stay longer here, his health will be compromise .

I haven't posted much or visited your blogs because I am torn...It pains me hearing him catch his breath as he sleeps at night. My sleep has also been compromised and I'm pregnant, I have to make sure I'm well rested for my baby inside. On the other hand, It breaks my heart to think of separation, especially that of EJ and his dad. I'm not sure what this "separation" will do to EJ's emotions... His dad can come home 3-4 next year and probably during summer, we can stay here in China for a couple of months.

I would appreciate your thoughts here...Should we go back to our hometown (separated from each other yet EJ will recover faster) or stay in China (together as a family but EJ's health might suffer)?

A. Go back to our hometown
B. Stay in China
C. OTHERS (pls. specify)


A. Go back to our hometown
B. Stay in China
C. OTHERS (pls. specify)

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