June 19, 2009


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Sunday, December 21, 2008



Let me start by saying I am definitely not a moody person but I know someone who is and people around her are having a (bit of) hard time because she's so unpredictable. I don't know if it's really true that there are days she "wakes up at the right / wrong side of the bed" because for me, the right / wrong side is up to you :o) Well of course we don't have the same personality type, but it's kinda hard to be on your toes when you're with that person - as what others tell me. Ooops, if you're someone who's been told moody, it would be good to explain what's going on when you're "irregular" :o) And if you've been around one, let's say married to Mr. or Mrs. Moody, then how have you managed to relate with him / her with less conflict? As for me, I bring my own sunshine wherever I go and if Ms. Moody isn't comfortable with that, she can go on with her rainy days and it doesn't bother me or I'm doing my best not to get affected to a point that I'll get sour because of her mood swings :o) So far I've seen that if the sun goes up, the rain seldom stays... But there are times they exist together - weird but manageable :o) It might make others around them a little crazy though, so good luck!

How about you? How do you handle Mr. or Ms. Moody?

A. Ignore
B. Fight fire with fire
C. Others (pls. specify)


A. Ignore
B. Fight fire with fire
C. Others (pls. specify)


Mari said...

I don't handle moody people well. I try to stay out of their way and just be nice and polite to them so they don't bite my head off!

~hon~ said...

Ignore or the nicer term would be tolerate. hahaha!

I just keep silent because if you argue with a moody person, you definitely won't win.

Just don't ask too many questions. A moody person doesn't like too many questions. Don't talk much. That's the key. hahaha!

I know sometimes it's their front but then, deep inside there's a reason or maybe a problem. I'd like to think that way so in a sense, I'll offer my sincerest help.

a corgi said...

I totally agree with you; you don't seem moody at all; in fact you are probably one of the most positive people's journals that I read

I try to be nice to someone who is moody and try to get them in a better mood; if it doesn't work then I usually try to stay away from them until they decide its better if they get in a good mood

love your greeting you made :)


Lee said...


Henry the Dog said...

I'm certainly not moody. Uncle Hugh's not moody. Mum's only funny once a month at 'maudlin' time. Other than that she's not moody either. Sulking isn't allowed in our house. So, generally, we get along just fine. None of us have to 'handle' anything. If mum and Uncle Hugh have a problem they talk about it, sort it out, end of:)

Aizan Suhaira said...

I am Ms. Moody.

I have my mood swings. I can be pleasant one moment, but when something ticks me off I could turn into a monster and be stuck in a terrible mood for quite a while.

My advice is, when you catch me in one of these moods, please just ignore me. Stay away and leave me alone.

I'll come to my senses soon enough.

I know I can be difficult and I am trying every single day to be less of a b*tch. Your patience and understanding is very much appreciated.

Claudia's thoughts said...

LOL I ignore them. I know some people who are like a mean dog, but I would not agrivate them either. I decided in life that people who are moody when they are old were also moody when they were young. It is just them and you really can't change them.

Dianne said...

I pretty much tolerate - I too like that word better than ignore

I also have empathy since I can be moody at times.

drNO said...

i guess ignoreing them is the best things...
we don't want to end up being shout back when we r just trying to be nice.

posh post said...

i am very moody myself, but since i am aware of it and i know it is not healthy both for me and the people around it, i try to manage it. but to handle other people, well, at times, i try to comfort, others i just ignore especially when they dish out sarcastic remarks. hehe


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