June 19, 2009


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Wednesday, December 24, 2008



As you know, we are here in China and this is not a Christian nation... But that won't stop us from celebrating the season. Tonight we will have a gathering of all the Filipinos here in our place - probably just about 20 people - and we will have exchange gifts and singing since there's a regular Filipino band in that place. Tomorrow we will have our Christmas Party here at home - 7 of us - that is with our friends whom we consider extended family. We have kris kringle and some games that I have planned out. We will just have simple food and celebration but I'm sure it'll turn out wonderful because the bottom line is, we meet, talk and just be together. Although we miss Christmas in the Philippines, we have managed to have a "home away from home" here in China.

Of course, with all the merrymaking, we will always begin with a prayer - thanking God for his goodness and remembering the birth of our Lord Jesus as the reason for this season.

And oh, I won't be blogging much because I will be very busy cooking for friends and family :o) so let me greet you all a BLESSED CHRISTMAS...

How about you? How will you celebrate Christmas?
A. At home
B. With friends
C. Others (pls. specify)


A. At home
B. With friends
C. Others (pls. specify)


Mari said...

I am a nurse and have to work every other Christmas. This is my year to work. After work we will go to my Mother-in-law's house for a party with his family. We will have our own family celebration on Christmas Eve. Merry Christmas to you - have a blessed day!

Jerrie said...

We celebrate A) at home with our family. My in-laws come, my parents, aunts, siblings. This is "our" holiday. I make dinner, breakfast, lunch...

This year may be a bit different due to the sheer amounts of snow...everyone here on Christmas day and no one spending Christmas Eve. So, our family will have an intimate dinner for three!

We love it all. It is a relaxed, fun-filled, family time.

Enjoy you Christmas!

Henry the Dog said...

It's going to be mum, me and Uncle Hugh AND a big juicy bone (I hope). Happy Christmas xxx

Lee said...

A somewhat subdued affair - my dad died recently - family plus my mother plus one of my son's girlfriend and her dad. Eight to lunch. Salmon pate starter, roast chicken, roast pork, roast potatoes, salads, plum pudding & custard.

Claudia's thoughts said...

This Christmas Eve my daughter Emily is working till 6 PM. After she comes home we will have dinner. Just a new Cooking Light Recipe that is chicken thighs over baked apple pieces. First time to try it.

Tomorrow in the afternoon we will go to my sisters and have dinner. She is making ham and lasagna (Italian dish) We all cook something and bring it to what ever family dinner we are having. My dish is to be sweet potatoes. After Christmas my brother and his daughter are coming from Virgina to spend a few days. His wife who is an RN and his other daughter who is in college have to work the weekend.

Back in the late 1970's we lived in Asia and then in Europe so I know how it is to spend a Holiday away from your family. We would also spend the Holiday with other Amricans and have fun away from home. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

a corgi said...

sounds like wonderful ways you will be celebrating Christmas and the birth of our Lord Jesus! I think its neat despite being in a country that does not honor him, you will find a way to honor him through your celebrations!! Enjoy!

we're going to my brother-in-laws and his wife for dinner and then over to my inlaws for presents and dessert. In the morning, we'll probably make cookies since we didn't buy any gifts for ourselves this year, choosing to give to World Vision instead. And we'll remember the Lord; reading from the Bible and praying and thanking him!

Merry Christmas!!!!


Aizan Suhaira said...

I don't 'celebrate' Christmas. I am Muslim. But as a Malaysian, we do so love celebrating public holidays. It's Christmas eve over here and I just got back from a very fun karaoke session with the girls.

My best friend has booked me for breakfast in a few hours' time (I hope I can wake up) and the rest of the day will be spent by getting myself a much needed haircut, and if time permits... I'll go to the gym (yeah, I am addicted to the gym. But at least it's a good kind of addiction, right?)

Nancy Simpson said...

Meili in China,

From my home high in the Southern Appalachian Mountains, western North Carolina, I wish you a Merry Christmas.

SSQuo said...

Soaking myself in the sun, sand and yum food - heading with friends to Key West! Being far away from family at Xmas is the hardest for me, so I figured I need to treat myself. I will be close friends,who end up being my family here!

Merry Xmas Meilo to you and your lovely family!

Brenda Susan said...

Hi Meili!
We will be celebrating in a very quiet way because we are an all adult family right now. My husband, my two sons & I will go out for a nice dinner tonight, then open gifts at our house. Tommorrow we will gather with friends in the evening after a day of sitting around.

meili_lo said...

thanks so much you all for sharing your thoughts inspite the beezeeness of the season :o) so glad to hear each of your plans...

i just opened my blog to approve the comments and write this response...i have 3 more dishes to cook for tonight while taking care of my beloved 3 year old... whew!

Merry Christmas again everyone...

Claudia's thoughts said...

It was soon after my mother had died and I was at a loss what to buy my father. While going thru the pictures of my husband family (I had three of our parents die with in 14 months) I found a picture Chuck had taken when we dating and it was of all the six sibs sitting on the steps in the family house. I had copies made and gave it to everyone, including my dad. He actually got tears in his eyes when he opened it.

Anonymous said...

This Christmas was spent, as I already knew, with the love of my life and his family. We managed to have our own quiet Christmas time after we spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with his family. It turned out to be a perfect Christmas!

Inkpot said...

I hope you and your loved ones had a very happy Christmas. :)

The tradition in my family has always been that we all come home for Christmas (there are ten children). I'd stay up late to sing carols with my mother and sisters when they got home from Mass on Christmas Eve and wish everyone a Happy Christmas, then up early on Christmas morning to go to dawn Mass and rush home to the enormous pile of presents under the tree (we all gave each other gifts). Around 12 or 1pm when everyone was up, dressed and fed we would start the gift giving. This would continue until well into the evening (around 7). Then we would have Christmas dinner. After the feast had been eaten and everything tidied away we'd drift into groups - some watching tv, others playing with their gifts, some resting from the excitement of the day. This year we did things differently. We cut down on the gifts, grouping together to give each other token presents, and we went to my brother's house for Christmas lunch. It was nice. It is time we started new traditions.


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