June 19, 2009


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Thursday, December 18, 2008



I know that I used to be workaholic when I was single. Used to work overtime everyday, worked until 12 midnight if there were shipments that were urgent and even 24 hours straight when something went wrong with a very important customer's goods. However, I kinda reduced that stressful life when I got married. But when I started handmade beaded jewelry business while at work, my husband and I would stay up 'til 3am doing them and wake up at 6:30am to go to work... Did that on weekdays and just take a full day sleep on weekends. When I had my son, I decided not to work in a manufacturing environment because it demanded so much time. However, when I started teaching, I did the same thing - stayed up late to study or make my lessons. When I got hooked with Photoshop (editing pictures), I'd stay until 4am doing it. Now that I'm blogging, I think about what topics to post that I sometimes wake up middle of the night thinking about it... I don't know if you call that workaholic or addict... :o) One thing I'm sure - whatever I put my mind and heart into, I will work at it to the point of exhaustion. Does that make me a workaholic or something else??? Oh, but there are times I'm just too lazy to do anything at all...

How about you? Are you a workaholic?

A. Yes I am
B. No I'm not
C. Others (pls. specify)


A. Yes I am
B. No I'm not
C. Others (pls. specify)


Dianne said...

I am!! or maybe I'm an other?

I have always had demanding jobs and when times are especially rough (thanks for nothing US economy) I usually work 2 jobs

As a single Mom when my son was young I sometimes worked 3 jobs

In my main business I deliver client service above and beyond

just today I got up at 3 AM so that a client in the UK could put me on speaker for a meeting she was nervous about that I really didn't need to be part of.

I love this idea of you write and then we write - great fun!!

I'm so glad you stopped by. I have bookmarked you and I'll certainly be back

Happy 19 weeks to your baby.

I am going to be a first time Grandma in July :)

Mari said...

You and I sound quite similar! I tend to really get into whatever it is I'm doing. I wouldn't say I'm a workaholic but I'm often there later than my punch out time because something needs to be finished and I'll go in early to get things started. I think about my blog posts just like you do!

kenju said...

If I have a specific job to do, I am a workaholic until it gets done. If I don't have a goal to reach, then I am lazy!!

Thanks for the visit!

meemsnyc said...

Yes I am!

bobbie said...

No, I am definitely not a workaholic. When I was working in an office, I was always early, did my job as well as possible, and then a little more than asked, and never minded staying just a little late if necessary to finish a job. But when I went home, I forgot about work and enjoyed my home and family and friends. Now that I am retired, I am very happy with that state of affairs. As I grow older and less able to do the things I used to do, it can be frustrating, but I like my free time to do as I please. At present, that would mean blogging - a LOT - and enjoying others' blogs.

Judith Richards Shubert said...

Yes, I am ~ if that includes letting everything else go while I'm working a project, especially genealogy and graveyard rabbits!


Lee said...

I don't think of myself as a workaholic but there is nothing better than to be 'lost' in a project that totally engrosses me. What the psychologists call 'being in the flow'. Time can just disappear.

bernthis said...

People say I'm compulsive. I do exactly what you do. It's like my mind is always on my blog. I always put 200 percent into anything that I'm passionate about and sometimes I wish I could relax a bit more.

swmpgrly said...

No I am not but when I work I am sure to do a good job

Claudia's thoughts said...

NOOOOOOOO, I do the work I am assigned but I want to work less, not more.......

MISS PEACH ~(^.^)~ said...

Dearest Meili! What a pleasure it is to meet you. I saw you on Mickey's blog. Me is my Mancat (boyfriend) and lives in Canada. I live in Washington. We have been a couple for over a year now. I blog everyday. I am a 15 year old red Deven Rex kitty. I am also a recycled cat...I came to live here with mommy and my Lapdaddy when I was 9 years old and the people didn't want me anymore. Now I am loved and adored and well taken care of. There are three stray kitties that we take care of here...they live outside but are loved well by us.
I spend a lot of my night time doing much the same as you. Thinking, working and planning my next adventure on the web. I need more sleep and time to regroup my shedule...maybe with the new year coming, I can make a change for the better and blog every other day...then I can visit my friends on the off days and not feel too guilty as I do now.
I wish you a wonderful Christmas surrounded by those you love the most in your heart.
God Bless you richly...he is the center of our being.
Much love from a tiny red cat named Miss Peach<><

Jill Wheeler said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

I would answer C for myself. I work in spurts. I get really excited about something and work on it for hours, and then leave it alone when I get bored with it.

Mickey said...

Hi,thanks for stopping by :)
I would say I am not a work a holic ! I was once but over time ,priorities change. Like you I can be "addicted" when I try out something new. Photoshopping is a lot of fun so it can occupy a lot of time,hahaha That is easy when you have a lot of energy ;)
It's all fun as long as it does not interfere with our life and family :)

You have a lovely family!!

posh post said...

addict! addict! addict! lol

anyway, workaholic here, too. but i make sure that i sleep by midnight, or a little before, unless i can't help it that i have to finish everything asap.

before i could go on for several days without sleeping, but can't do that anymore. lol


Shannon Jacobyansky said...

Perfectionist...YES! Workaholic...NO!

a corgi said...

wow you did work some crazy schedules!!

I wouldn't call myself a workaholic. I work the hours I'm scheduled to work and I work hard with them and will work overtime, but I also like my downtime; I think I err more on the lazy side

good question!


Henry the Dog said...

Weeeellll - I'm a dog, and I'm an intelligent dog, so I don't do work, that's the type of thing that some Labradors, German Shepherds, Border Collies and such types do. I simply get loved, fed, pampered, played with etc. However, I do like to write my blog and can get quite engrossed in that - so I guess if I did THAT as a living I could be a workaholic.

drNO said...

well, i don't consider myself a workaholic. nope...don't think so.
i am more relax...breath the air, sit and stare...enjoy the moment..but work have to be done...
whatever it not forget to enjoy...

meili_lo said...

thanks for your responses guys :o)

and posh - yes, i think so too! hihi

~hon~ said...

No I am not. I can be very passionate but I know my limitations. There are times when I'd do overtime though just to finish a certain work given to me. If blogging is a kind of work, then I do overtime...hahaha! I'm very much hooked to writing.

"Now that I'm blogging, I think about what topics to post that I sometimes wake up middle of the night thinking about it... I don't know if you call that workaholic or addict... :o) One thing I'm sure - whatever I put my mind and heart into, I will work at it to the point of exhaustion. Does that make me a workaholic or something else??? Oh, but there are times I'm just too lazy to do anything at all..." ~>I am like this, too. When I'm out, I always think about what to write and end up very much excited to do so.

GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY! I love you, my dear friend.


Anonymous said...

Am I a workaholic . . . It depends. When I was younger and a teacher I was definitely a workaholic. At my last job, I was definitely one. But, to be honest, I didn't like my quality of life or the person I was becoming. So, now I'm in a job that is done when I leavethe office. I rarely have to work off hours. While it may not be my ideal job, I definitely enjoy my life more.

Mark and Elayne said...

No! Life on this side of heaven is too short to spend my time working, working, working. Yes, I work and enjoy the work of my hands. But I also enjoy my life with the love of my life.

Aizan Suhaira said...

I used to be a workaholic. But I found it the hard way that no company will truly appreciate you. We're disposable.

So now I am much much happier doing things that does not involve work.

May said...

Workaholic, yes that's me!

When I was single, I'd still be at the office at 10pm and I wasn't slowing down. I brought work home with me.

I slowed down when I got married. I figured it wasn't worth it working so much, I needed a life. But you know, old habit die hard. Or is there just too much work to do? Whatever the reason, I seem to be working a lot more for my day job now although I am CUTTING BACK!! I have to cut back!

Aside from my day job, I have an online job that I've been maintaining with a regular buyer for close to 2 years now. The pay is GOOD! But it also means I have to put in some hours at work... much harder too because I have a day job. So I sleep early, around 9pm to 12midnight, then get to work online up to 4 or 5am. Then I have to work at 7am!! Whew, whew!

Aside from that I have a craft business. I'm an avid lifecaster and my business is just starting so I've been very busy.

My husband says I'm spreading myself too thinly, and I probably am... and I should be giving up at least 1. My dilemma is:
- the day job provides me some security. Security of tenure! (government). And the bonus perks at year end are not bad.
- the online job is a lifesaver... it's been helping a lot with our expenses. And it's so hard to find genuine online work, so I find this hard to give up.
- my business... omg, lifecasting is one of my fave things. A passion, if I must say. It's fairly new... and I can work on it when I want, but it does demand some time.

Hmmm... which to choose? :)


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