June 19, 2009


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Monday, December 15, 2008


I would like to thank Ares for this topic suggestion :o)

As you can see, I have 5 of them - and i love having them in my life. My brothers gave me love and guidance - there are things I told my brothers and not my parents - like my first broken heart and my first boy friend. My parents were unaware but I cried with my brothers... I love my sister too. I love the fact that she sees me as her role model when it comes to almost everything. We share clothes and we sleep late just talking and talking.

They're all in the Philippines and I'm the only one away from home. I miss spending Dec. 24th with them because we have exchange gifts. So even if I'm here, we're still included in our family Christmas party. We don't spend new years together because 5 of us are already married so we use that time to spend with our partner's families :o) My parents are empty nests so they just choose which family they want to join every new year. I just miss them soooo much...

How about you? Which do you prefer: No siblings, has siblings?

A. No siblings
B. Has siblings
C. Others (pls. specify)


A. No siblings
B. Has siblings
C. Others (pls. specify)


Aizan Suhaira said...

I have 2 brothers and a sister. I'm sandwiched between my 2 brothers, so I grew up quite the tomboy.

~hon~ said...

Has siblings. I love my sisters so much! They are my real friends whom I know I can rely on whenever and whatever. They are both far away from here but this Christmas and New Year, they will be here to spend the holidays with me and my parents. We are always complete at this time of the year. I don't know about next year though. hehehe!

If I had the chance to live my life over, I'd want the same siblings I have. My dear sisters in flesh, in blood and in Christ. (Both of them are all-in-one)

So why don't you come home for Christmas?

Henry the Dog said...

No Siblings - thank God Rex. I love being the only one and having lots of attention. I'd be SO cross if mum got another dog. I've heard her talk about it and believe me if she did, then I'd leave home:(

meili_lo said...

Aizan - I nevery played Barbie dolls growing up :o) hihi

Hon - can't go home this Christmas, my husband has work - no holiday in China...we're going home next year since I'll give birth in the Philippines.

Henry - don't leave home just incase ok? ur mom will be very sad...

Mari said...

I most definately prefer having siblings. I have 2 sisters and one brother and they add so much to my life. I think siblings are a great blessing!

reedwrites said...

I am an only child. I like it most of the time--except it's weird now because my parents retired and moved across the country over the summer so I am the only one in my family still here. And of course there's the grandbaby (she is an only child so she gets SPOILED.

a corgi said...

I have a brother/sister; I'm the baby of the family. I like having siblings; they help connect you with your family and have a past with you and are often the only ones there when you need something

I'm sure its hard to be away from your family; we always lived away from ours


SSQuo said...

We have some similarities Meili!

I am the youngest of four girls, the baby of the family. :) And I am the only one away from home as well.

We are all very tight, we have fought like crazy over the years, and if we live with each other long enough, we still manage a tiff. I am actually glad we do even now, coz I think that's what keeps us feeling just as we did so many years ago. I cant imagine being who I am, without my sisters.

PS: Note to Henry: Henry, trust me, your mom has enough love for you and many many more dogs, so she can only love you more. Don't run away, she'll miss you tons.


Claudia's thoughts said...

I am the oldest of six, I guess I have always been in charge of the world. HA HA

Lee said...

I'm an only child - yeah, I know, spoilt rotten. I wish. But only knowing that, I can't really wish for anything else. I've learnt to like solitude, for reflection and creation. Can be sociable in groups if I need to, of course!

We have three boys who get on very well together.

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Eugene said...

I love my older siblings... Even though they're... Annoying. (If you only knew...)

If reincarnation was possible, (And picking what kind of environment I'd live in,) I'd pick a twin as a sibling. 'Cuz they're so cool.

(Or I having a twin. But that's another story...)

Anonymous said...

I have an older brother. And I am so glad that I do! While my brother and I fought like cats/dogs when we were younger - as we both got older, we realized there were benefits to getting along.

My brother was the one who I used to tell everything to first. And he was the one who comforted me through my first boyfriend breakup. He was also the pillar of support when my parents and I were arguing.

Nowadays, our relationship isn't what it used to be, but it also doesn't help that he lives overseas.

All I know is that I would like for my children to have the relationship my brother and I had and continue to try and have.

posh post said...

at first i didn't want siblings. i grew up till i was almost 9 as an only child. then i thought, well, why not? another girl would be good as i could play with her. then i was given a brother. took some time to adjust but now, i just have the greatest brother in the world! :-)

posh post said...

to henry: oh you are such a spoiled dog! lol


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