June 19, 2009


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Friday, December 5, 2008



I like watching movies with my family and friends, but not alone. It doesn't matter if we're at home sitting in front of a TV set, in the computer or in the movie houses. But the movies that I especially like are the ones that has lasting lessons. Here are 3 of the many that impacted my life:

1. PAY IT FORWARD where it taught me that when someone does something good to you, don't pay them back - pay the good deed forward. very inspiring...good movie for kids

2. THE KID because it talks about who we are now is because of an experience in the past. But sometimes we try so hard to forget the past not realizing it shaped so much of who we are today...good movie for grown-ups!

3. FACING THE GIANTS - it's about not giving up, not losing hope and daring to trust God to do the impossible...good for all ages :o)

Can you name a few movies that impacted your life? Doesn't matter if it's an old movie as long as it has an all-time message... I'll find ways to watch online and download :o)

A. Religious
B. Drama
C. Others (pls. specify)

A. Religious
B. Drama
C. Others (pls. specify)


t. said...

Amistad (directed by Spielberg i think in 1997).
we watched it in history class. i just put my head down on the desk and cried into my sleeve. it's one of many that remind me how cruel people can be to one another, and how lucky i have been.

Henry the Dog said...

Well for me it was Bambi, it made me realise just how much I love and need my mum and how lucky I am to have her. For my mum, it's a bit predictable actually - it was Schindler's List.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I must agree with t. too. Amistad is a must-see and a deeply moving story based on real account.

I Am Sam is also great and a real inspirational. It's my all-time favorite. It's one of the rare movies that actually made me cry...

Lee said...

I'm not a big movie person. I liked the first half of Dead Poet's Society but no the second half. Did that answer your question?

~hon~ said...

I'd say...

1.) The Passion of the CHRIST
2.) Facing the Giants
3.) Left Behind
4.) The Notebook
5.) 50 First Dates

All about love. The love of GOD for us and our love for others.

Btw, haven't seen "Pay it forward" and "The kid" yet so I better watch them soon.

Before I forget, what do you mean about you and I exchanging links? links of our blogs?

Shannon Jacobyansky said...

#1...The Passion of the Christ

#2...Facing the Giants

#3...Becoming Jane

#4...One Night with the King

#5...Veggie Tale Movies...LOL...I just laugh and laugh at thow they tell a lesson of truth!

#6...Fire Proof...even though I have not seen this movie yet, I have heard it is really really good and I know it will leave a great impression on my life after I see it!

Aizan Suhaira said...

I do enjoy movies, but not enough to have them make a great impact on my life.

So the answer is D: None of the above.

avr said...

The Pursuit of Happyness with Will Smith, it is very inspiring because it follows the struggles of a man, a father, a husband to provide for his family and how hard this could be. He finds himself living in a restroom with his son, his wife left him. It shows how powerful your will to make it can be and that you will succeed no matter how hard the times may be.

RCBonay said...

Rocky has made a great impact on my life. And the James Bond movies as well. And now the Jason Bourne stuff. And now my own movies @ www.johnnieoh/

Posh Post Reviews said...

i also like Facing the Giants and Pay it Forward. I haven't watched the kid.

Flowersbythewayside said...

the problem is, i can't remember titles. hehehe but i am sure that there are a lot of movies that influenced me. :-)

Marriage Markers said...

basta, i really like movies with very gentle people in them. coz i am not a very gentle person. they kinda influence me.

btw, i have a new entry in my blog. thanks!

Claudia's thoughts said...

I can not say that any movie made a big impact on my life. There are a lot of them I like. But the one I remember from the early 70's was Love Story. I like the movie and it was a tearjerker. BUT, the line "Love is never having to say your sorry" was the most stupid line anyone had every written. Love means to say your sorry, what we need in this world is more peopple saying they are sorry.........We need a little more compassion for our fellow man as well as our loved ones.

zunnur said...

I love to watch movies once or twice in a week, but I can't remember any movies that gave an impact to my life and I don't remember movie titles except those which impressed me very much such as Dances with Wolves and The Gladiators.

bfs said...


Mark and Elayne said...

I love Biblical movies. Ben Hur for the Power of forgivness. I also love It's a Wonderful Life. That we are indeed each depended on each other.
What's Love Got to Do With It. The power to rebuild my life after leaving an abusing spouse.
A Christmas Carol; one is never too old to change.


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