June 19, 2009


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Wednesday, December 3, 2008



I would like to thank Jenners for this topic suggestion. Here's what she wrote:

"how about if you could invite any famous people (living or dead) to a dinner party, who would you invite and why?"

It's a party so I'll invite famous singers and dancers to entertain my guests with their talents. To name a few - JLo, Mariah C., Beyonce, Elvis Presley (yep!), Connie Talbot (the cute little girl from British got talent - my son likes her), Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Gary Valenciano (famous Filipino singer and dancer) and whoever wants to join and respond to my invitation... Oh, including Jacky Chan! yes - did u know that he can sing and that here in China he's a known singer? Check out the Olympics video, he's there singing! It will be a party of every race and every nation... And of course, those who'll comment on this post will be invited too, so don't miss this party ok?! :o) hihi...

How about you? Who will you invite and why?
A. Entertainers
B. World Leaders
C. Others (pls. specify)


A. Entertainers
B. World Leaders
C. Others (pls. specify)


Shannon Jacobyansky said...

Do they have to be living or dead? Well I guess that question discounts my #1 choice...Jesus! He is alive! People who are still living on this earth...Sarah Palin, Amy Grant, Terry Bradshaw, my best friends Michelle, Char, and Christine, my cousin Joy, Billy Graham, Julie, Joe Montana, Patsy Clairmont, Joyce Meyer, Nancy Leigh DeMoss, Suzanne,...hmmm...anyone else...probably but I can't think of anyone more at the moment.

Posh Post Reviews said... the first place, i wouldn't know who to invite because i don't know how to entertain! lol i am not a very good hostess.

Flowersbythewayside said...

hi there! like shannon, i think i would like to have our Savior. i would just love to back in His presence, just like Mary did in the past. wouldn't that be awesome? :-)

and He is not a very fussy guest, too. lol

Marriage Markers said...


wow, would i invite? may president arroyo, and have a heart to heart talk with her? hehe

Mari said...

Another tough question. I like Shannon's answer - inviting Jesus would be awesome! I'd also like to invite some other people from the Bible - Paul, David, Abraham, Ruth... there could be quite a few. Other than that I would like to invite family and friends and some blogging friends I've never met in person - like you!

Lee said...

The trouble with famous people is you might be interested but they may bore each other if you range too wide. But if I must I would go for: Jesus, Mohammad, Buddha, Confucius and Bill Maher at one dinner party.

They following week I would have Alexander the Great, Hitler, Napoleon, Genghis Khan and Caesar.

If I could invite anyone not famous to a dinner, I would like to invite my last four generations so they could all talk about their lives.

a corgi said...

good question! Jesus would be my first answer, but then I thought he's already living in my heart and I have a relationship with him, so he's already here at every meal

then I thought it would be interesting to have some of the first presidents of the United States and be able to have them talk about the struggles they went through to start this country and their faith, etc.


Henry the Dog said...

Well, I don't really know many famous people living or dead but I think my mom would probably like to have a chat with Mr Obama and another guy called Dalai Lama. As far as dead folk go, that'd be a bit spooky but I know she'd like to have a chat to Martin Luther King, Hitler, Jesus and Mary Magdalen.

Claudia's thoughts said...

I would invite the writers of te Declaration of Independance and US Constitution. Sometimes most Americans feel that the Supreme Court has taken too broad of liberty with the interpretation of the documents. I would like to ask them exactly what they meant and get their reaction on how the government interpreted their writings and how they feel about the operation of the government now.

Jenners said...

I had forgotten that I suggested that! Guess I have to write on it!!!

Let's see...I'm going to go with:

Brad Pitt (purely for my pleasure)

Jesus (lot of questions for Him...I probably won't be a very good hostess by bothering Him all the time)

John F. Kennedy (out of curiosity)

David and Amy Sedaris (they would make any party fun)

Bill Clinton (I just like him and he seems like he could talk to anyone -- would like to see him and JFK talk)

I think that is it for this party...if only it could happen!

Boing said...

- Jesus would be there anyway if I was there, but cos He is special He would get an invite.
- Nelson Mandela, because he played such an important role in my country.
- F.W. Fitzsimons, because he was the first one to put live snakes on display in the Port Elizabeth Museum. (I now run the Snake Park there!!)
- Lance Armstrong, because I am fascinated by his dedication.
- William Wallace, because Scottish history is so interesting.
- Johnny Depp, because he is brilliant (and gorgeous).
I think that would be it. If I invited too many people I would not really get the chance to chat with all of them!

reedwrites said...

Hmmm... a few of my favorite writers--Toni Morrison, Maya Angelou, Gwedolyn Brooks. Jesus would be cool and Buddha as well as the Dalhi Lama and Mother Theresa. Martin Luther King. I would also want Albert Einstein, Oprah, Bill Gates and just for kicks an assortment of my favorite poets, my friends and my daughter to liven up the conversation.

Mary said...

A. Entertainer - Amy Grant - she seems so down to earth and has brought two families together successfully.

B. World Leader - Sarah Palin - I'd love to hear about her from her.

C. Other - both my grandmothers - now that they are with Jesus, I have lots more questions to ask of them.

swmpgrly said...

I think I would invite friends I havnt seen in years and a few celebs too.
Maybe ill invite jackie chan too, he seems like a fun guy and kind of cute too.

Mark and Elayne said...

I would love to have C.S.Lewis and get the zillions questions about Narina answered. Miriam (Mary) mother of Yeshua to find out what He was really like as a child. And one of the greatest Jewish Sage Rashi; after all, he had no problem teaching his daughters.
Last, but not least, President Obama; he looks like he could use a good meal.
And the reason I didn't ass Yeshua (Jesus) to the list? He lives here :)

Aizan Suhaira said...

I'd invite Dr. Mahathir, Malaysia's fourth prime minister... and the greatest ever so far. I'd like to hear his comments about anything under the sun.

bfs said...

Jesus, and I'd try hard to stay out of the kitchen and not worry about the mess I left there ~ you know, Mary stayed listening, while poor Martha "worried about many things" -- which tends to be my problem.

I'd invite my great grandmother who lived to be 100 and who fell asleep each night whispering scriptures she'd memorized.

I'd invite my mother. I miss her so much.

I'd invite two different people I never knew - one who lived across the street from me in the 80's, and the other who lived across the sidewalk from me in 1971 -- both who for unknown reasons killed themselves with a shotgun to the head. Why would I ask them? I'd like for them to sit at the table with Jesus and be healed.

I'd invite someone that I hurt over 20 years ago and have tried to make things right with ~ but the person would not forgive. Perhaps Jesus there with us would take away the pain we've both felt.

I'd certainly invite my hubby and kids and grandkids -- how could I ever let them miss out on a blessed time with the Shepherd?


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