June 19, 2009


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Sunday, December 7, 2008



I'm often confused what's the difference between a stingy person and a thrifty one. I don't know what's the line that separated the 2 kinds of persons. I'll give you a case and from there, you tell me why you say it's being thrifty or why it's being stingy.

Person A is pregnant and all her pants are too tight on the waistline because of her bulging tummy but she decides not to buy new ones thinking that after her pregnancy, she won't be able to use her clothes that often. So what she does is simply wear it, open the button and zipper (to prevent it from falling she uses a belt), and wears long blouses to hide that unpleasant look :o)
Stingy or Thrifty?

Person B was very, very hungry. She went to an eatery and found out that the food costs 5 times the food in the restaurant near her house. However, from where she was and where the restaurant was would take about 20 minutes travel and she was already having a headache due to hungry. But because she's thrifty or stingy, she decided to travel 20 minutes and ate at that place where the food was cheaper. She had a good meal but almost fainted when she had her meal.

Help me out here guys...

A. Is Person A thrifty or stingy? Why?
B. Is Person B thrifty or stingy? Why?
C. Others (pls. specify)


A. Is Person A thrifty or stingy? Why?
B. Is Person B thrifty or stingy? Why?
C. Others (pls. specify)


Mari said...

I think person A is thrifty and B is stingy. Why? A is not hurting anyone or causing harm to herself while B is. I'm assuming B can afford the food but is choosing not to eat because of cost. That's my opinion. :)

Lee said...

I usually think of thrifty relating to things you do for yourself and stingy relating to things you do for others. Which I guess means there is a generosity element in it too.

Also there is the other's expectations: your kids want designer jeans and you get them serviceable no-name brand then they may call you stingy while you call yourself thrifty.

Your pregnant lady I would say thrifty; why buy designer things if you will grow out of them?

Your hungry lady was also thrifty if it was just her eating. Possibly stingy if she was inflicting the hunger on someone else.

t. said...

preggers lady is thrifty. if no one can see it, why not? i have been known to patch a hole in a sleeve with a discreet safety pin, or cover a mismatching belt with a shirt in a pinch.

hungry gal is being stingy to herself! never get a hunger headache! it's bad for your head, your metabolism, and your feelings! i would advise her to plan her day better, and travel with a healthy snack in tow if she's going to be doing some cross-country budget-dining.

a corgi said...

I'm with the other 3 commenters; A is thrifty and B is stingy

it makes sense to not get clothes you will only be wearing for such a short period of time

but to deny your body something and cause it stress just because you want to save a few pennies sounds stingy to me

good question!


Aizan Suhaira said...

Person A and Person B are both silly.

My version of stingy - Person C buys quality running shoes for herself but gives her sister cheapo sports shoes for her sister's birthday.

My version of thrifty - Shop 1 sells instant noodles at 50 cents a packet. Shop 2 sells it at 40 cents a packet. Both Shop 1 and Shop 2 are near to each other. Person D buys instant noodles at Shop 2.

Henry the Dog said...

I have to agree with Lee. However the Hungry Lady could also have been guilty of 'false economy'if the fare for her 20 minute travel was taken into consideration.

shabby girl said...

I'm thinkin' that both A & B are thrifty.
If I were going to eat somewhere and realized that the cost is 5 times as much as I'm used to paying, I would be "thrifty" and go to the less expensive place...
By the've been tagged!

Laura Jayne said...

If you are hungry eat... if you need new clothes get them.

Life is to short, never let money be a reason to be unhappy unless you have no other choices.

Now, it you don't mind unbuttoning your pants and using a belt, fine.

But to not eat and allow your body unneccesary pain... that is not thrift or stingy... it is stupid.

Claudia's thoughts said...

This is a difficult one to identify. I have to agree with Lee and his assesment.

A thrifty person would use the carcass of a roasted chicken to make another meal of chicken soup. You could also call it frugal.

Stingy could also be called cheap, I guess they would not buy that chicken at all.

I make a lot of soup from my chickens. Guess I am thrifty.

Posh Post Reviews said...

hola! i think that if i were the person in both instances, then i am stingy. prudence is different. that is saving up and not indulging on wants. but when needs are sacrificed, up to the point of hurting one's self, then that is stinginess (if he can afford it). if he can't afford it, then i guess being stingy becomes a need.

Marriage Markers said...

hi there!

well i am pregnant and i have bought only 2 blouses and 3 leggings. i honestly don't want to buy because it will only last me a few months. thankfully, i have some clothes that are preggy look that i can use. and people have been giving me stuff--my godmother, my two sisters in law, my father in law's sister, my mother, our neighbor. so i am glad.

while i need pregnant stuff, people have provided for me and i didn't need to buy. instead i used my money to buy baby stuff. which i think is more needed.

as for the hungry lady, oh, i think she just didn't exercise good judgment. if she fainted and got robbed, she would have lost more money in the process.

Flowersbythewayside said...

hmmm...i can say i am a thrifty person, but not stingy. if i were put in those situations, here's what i would do.

1) I would buy new clothes, but i would look for cheap ones and just a few pieces, just enough to get me through pregnancy.

2) I will eat in the nearest location. no sense getting too hungry and getting a headache in the process. i will just probably order a cheaper item, just so my hunger can be appeased.

Hippie said...

I agree with Mari mostly. But I think you need more detail, like if person B could really afford the food. I think that being thrifty is basically being smart with money because you don't have a lot of it or just whatever. And being stingy is having enough money for what you want but being greedy with it and not wanting to spend it.- just for the sake of having it.


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