June 19, 2009


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Monday, November 17, 2008



Today, my blog is 7 days old and I just want to take this time to say THANK YOU to all of you for the warm welcome you've given me. As a new blogger, it is so encouraging to read your thoughts and see you following my blog. You bet I've learned a lot and not a day passed that I haven't shared your responses with my husband =D Unfortunately he didn't agree that my son's brain is like mine, hihi. I also learned that in the Philippines, we use the term "let's take a bath" but for most of you, you say shower - so I guess this brought confusion to some - sorry for that. I was also able to help a friend start his own blog and he's very happy with blogging too. This past week was truly wonderful and I hope I can gain more friends through blogging.

Thank you for your support. Should there be topics you want me to blog about, you can freely suggest them. This blog is for everyone's enjoyment - nothing to do with judging what's right or what's wrong as your comments shall be treated as opinions.

Do you have topics you want us to discuss in this blog? Or are there topics you DON'T want to discuss?

A. I suggest we talk about...

B. I suggest we don't talk about...

C. Others (pls. specify)


t. said...

a question that my family once discussed around the dinner table: would you rather have a friend who is funny or loyal?
obviously, a blend of both is probably what you find in most good friends, but assuming you had to choose one or the other, which would it be?

Henry the Dog said...

Your favourite holiday memory. Counries you'd like to visit and why. The best place you've ever visited and why. Your favourite month and why. Your favourite book and why. Just a few for starters.

Jenners said...

how about if you could invite any famous people (living or dead) to a dinner party, who would you invite and why? That one is always fun!

Lee said...

What's your typical day like?

Anonymous said...

how 'bout, who looks better, brad pitt or tom cruise? (just kidding.:P)

how about, which do you prefer:

no siblings, has siblings?

btw, thanks for leaving that comment in my blog. :)

Brenda Susan said...

I am amazed that you have this much activity after only blogging for a week! Some of us have been writing away without any comments or followers for months. Must be the interactive nature of your blog. You are asking us questions so we can't help but respond. Cool!

Posh Post Reviews said...


A...i suggest we talk about whether

a. having a regular job - with regular salary and benefits
b. freelance job or business
c. others

inevitable said...

Music - choose certain lyrics from a song and we'll discuss what they might mean or perhaps spark a memory.

Worst Memory - Most embarrasing stories..

Posh Post Reviews said...

hello! maybe you can ask, what kind of a driver are you? hehehe

Marriage Markers said...

what would stop you from decorating your house this christmas?

Marriage Markers said...

how about something about pregnancy??? hehe

Flowersbythewayside said...

hmmm...lemme about something on christmas gifts. how do you choose or whatever?


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