June 19, 2009


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Friday, November 21, 2008



I'll go straight to the point, I dread winter =( It's too cold for me. Taking a bath / shower is a struggle, really! And to think of the time we use putting on tons of lotion and moisturizers to keep our skin hydrated. The layers of clothes we have to consider putting on myself and my son. I don't know if it's because I was raised in a country (The Philippines) with no winter feeling at all, or it's really a dreaded season by most people. My son and I got sick because I think our bodies are adjusting to the super dry and extremely cold season. But to be fair to this time of the year, I'll write 2 things I like in winter:

1. the SNOW - last winter was our first time to experience snow and I admit it was FUN playing with my husband, my baby and my friend Cathy. But because of my ignorance, I had a terrible frost bite all over my feet...oh my it was painful!

2. foods last longer than their expiration date - of course, it's like we're all inside the refrigerator...grr... I often tell friends: "At least I get to relate to how the fish and chicken feel when we place them in the freezer!"

Anyway, how about you? Do you like winter? If you do, maybe you can suggest something to help me like it the way you do! Who knows... I may like it sooooommmmeeeday! =D

A. Yes, I like winter (suggestions pls.)
B. No, I don't like winter
C. Others (pls. specify)


Lee said...

Yes, I like winter. Not adore, but like. I like the seasons, I like to see change in the garden, I like the different foods, I like a log fire...

But I don't like being cold.

Billy Connelly says there is not bad weather, there is just bad clothing choices.

mz. jackson said...

First I want to say thanks for inviting me to your blog. I also like winter. I used to love it when I lived in Minnesota but then I got a taste of Paradise living in Hawaii so now I just like winter : ) One thing that always helped some of the long winter days go by faster, was when the sun was shining in the morning look outside at the tree and the snow glistening off the branches. It was always a beautiful sight and brightened (warmed) the day.

Cari, Abe, and Paige said...

C. Yes and No. I like winter because then it's not so dreadfully hot outside. I don't like it because it seems like we sit at -30 below all winter long. I HATE being cold. I hate being hot even more though. So....It's a lose-lose situation for me!

Henry the Dog said...

YES YES YES. I LOVE winter. Summer is much too hot for me even when my coat is really short, because my fur is dense and so I'm always too warm. In the winter we go for really long walks, but have to go for shorter ones in the summer. Mum loves winter too. She feels the cold very easily but she simply wraps up well - she's got a puffer coat full of goose down. Mum's very favourite time - a winter morning, sharp blue sky, sunshine and a thick frost. Heaven.

nishaa anil said...

Yes,I like winter.
Time to load up the woollies on oneself and head for the world outside the front door...much unlike summer,when the desert heat spells trouble for outdoor activities!

Boing said...

NO!! I adore summer, and can't stand winter. I live in South Africa, so winter can't even use snow as an excuse. I love the sun baking down on me at the beach, it's heaven! I know we don't get as cold as Northern Hemisphere countries in winter, but to me winter is just a cold, miserable, rainy time when the days are too short. But, it is now summer and I can go swimming in the sea everyday at lunchtime!! YAY YAY!!

Anonymous said...

Hot cocoa . . . sitting by a warm, crackling fire . . . snuggling under a blanket with my significant other watching a movie. The change in season is incredible. There's nothing like seeing a fresh blanket of snow on the ground.

The problem is that I dislike being cold . . . but bundling up with layers isn't that bad. If nothing else, I like winter just because it brings snow and to see my 18 mo. akita romp around in the snow puts me into quite a fit of laughter.

Yeah . . . I like winter. Love it - no. But, yeah, I like it.

view from my front porch said...

Well I live in Utah. Our state motto is The Greatest Snow on Earth! Personally I do not like being out in the cold. However winter does bring some of my favorite things with it. The things I like most are:
Having the smell and warmth from a fireplace.
Hot Cocoa!
Snuggly clothes, I am a little chunky so my wardrobe is much easier in winter. lol
My boys sledding on the farm and coming in with red noses.
Cooking comfort foods like soup and chili not to mention all of the baking that goes on from November to February.
I do love the way the snow looks when it first falls and sparkles in the sunlight. I just prefer not to go out and play in it.

Mari said...

I've lived in Michigan all my life so I should be used to it! But - I don't like winter. I think I like it less all the time. I hate driving in snow and I'm always cold! However, it can be very beautiful and I like seeing all the seasons, so I guess my answer is C.

reedwrites said...

No. I can't stand winter. Snow loses the novelty once you've ever lived in a place that resembles a Discovery Channel Arctic Expedition around mid-December (aka Upstate NY). Even birds are smart enough to fly in the OPPOSITE direction.

Anonymous said...

we once visited some wintery countries in a december.. and it was sooo cold. i liked it, but at the same time loathed it for the extreme freezing factor it gave my not-felt-winter-ever-since body. but when we returned, i badly craved for it back..

Jenners said...

Spring and fall are my favorite seasons but I don't dislike winter. I much prefer to be cold than hot -- easier to put more layers on. I love any excuse to be inside rather than outside (sad but true). I don't feel like I have to shave my legs as often since no one is really seeing them. No pressure to have "sandal ready" toenails. I love the quietness and magic of snow falling at night. I love my son experiencing snow for the first time. But I dont' like how early it gets dark

SSQuo said...

I love winter now, but I have attuned myself to it. When I experienced my first winter, I focused on the negatives even though I knew there were a ton of positives lying around. Now, I ignore the negatives, although there are some (getting dark, cold, fingers hurting),and I choose to focus on what I love

- The SNOW, rolling and playing it is even as an adult is a feeling I dont think I can every give up
- Bundling up
- Holding that someone specials hand or holding close to each other to stay warm
- The pink (or kinda) pink nose and cheeks I get
- Wearing my boots and leggings
- Being cosy inside the house as the snow falls (you need the cold to enjoy the warmth)
- Walking in the bright hot sun as the cold winds blow
- Most importantly, the city dressed up in its winter finery, I need the cold to feel like its my favorite holiday time!

and more...

Shannon Jacobyansky said...

I like winter's first snow and up until the beginning of the new year...then I'm ready for spring! The winter months, January - March, always get a little dull and gloomy for me.

Posh Post Reviews said...

nope, i don't like winter. i don't like the heavy clothes. and i can't easily go out. i get back and neck and head aches. well, it starts from my back, then my neck, and will connect to my head. it is very hard. i like cold weather, but not winter.

Marriage Markers said...

yes and no. i don't like winter when i have to go out. but if i can just stay indoors and cozy up by the fireplace, then it is okay. lol

Hippie said...

I like winter better than most seasons. I live in Central Texas, so at least 9 months out of the year are smoldering hot. A chilly day is a nice change for me.

Shines said...

I like winter. In my state (Ohio) we're lucky enough to have all four seasons. Each one is great. I would not like having the same weather all the time, would be boring to me. Yet, there is a saying that's popular here: if you don't like the weather- wait 15 minutes, it'll change...hahaha its so true.
The winters here are odd though, some years winter comes at us with a vengeance (blizzards, ice, etc) and other years its OK. Fun fun :0)


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