June 19, 2009


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Friday, December 12, 2008



Yes I do - I like all my names. My real name is Elizabeth Rose, my nickname is Maricar and my Chinese name is Meili. Different groups call me differently - my classmates call me by my real name; my family, relatives, church and workmates call me by my nickname; and in the blogging world and to some Chinese friends I use my Chinese name (because they can't pronounce my other names). However, I have friends who literally despise the sound of their real names so they came up with another one for people around to use when referring to them and the only time they use their real names is when they need to sign legal papers or documents. I also came across this site What Not to Name Your Baby and the blogger lists down some of the unheard names - at least for me. Reading his blog made me smile but it also made me wonder how people feel about their names - in other parts of the globe.

I like checking out what names mean so for my son, we named him ELISHA JOEY (Elisha means double portion, a prophet in the Bible + Joey his father's name meaning he will enlarge). In the olden times they believe your name has so much to do with your destiny. Hopefully my son will like it when he's old enough to understand his name... Just in case he won't, he can always introduce himself as EJ... hihi.

How about you? Do you like your name?
A. Yes, I like my name
B. No, I dislike my name
C. Others (pls. specify)


A. Yes, I like my name
B. No, I dislike my name
C. Others (pls. specify)


Lee said...

Yep. Lee is nice and easy. Could be a girl, could be a boy. I sometimes get mail to Ms Lee Kennedy. It can't really be simplified into a nickname, though some folk tried to complicate it and called me Leroy in school. It didn't last. Some people even think it is Chinese! I've been called Kennedy Lee or Mr Lee by Asians.

Henry the Dog said...

I like my name, it means 'home ruler', except that I don't rule our home, mum does. I like mum's name, her first name means 'princess' and her middle name means 'light'. She's cerainly my princess and is the light of my life too, so I think that's very apt.


No. my name is so generic. My parents never seemed to have thought about giving me a more unique and interesting name other than that of a famous cigarette brand - Philip. If given a chance, John Michael would be an attractive name.

Eugene said...

Eugene Paolo.

Eugene means 'a noble' in Greek. (Literally, it means 'good blood', but that DOESN'T MAKE SENSE.)

Paolo is the Italian from of Paul, which means little, or, in some sources, humble.

Eugene Paolo means a humble noble. Fitting name. I love it.

Mary said...

When I was a kid, I did not like my name. I even tried using my middle name one summer, but couldn't remember to answer to it. :)

But now I like my name. My parents named me after Mary the mother of Jesus and her cousin Elisabeth the mother of John the Baptist.

My nickname is Murry. My best friend gave it to me. I use it in my circle of friends because there is another Mary in our group.

So, yes, I like my name.

Alen4ik Litvinenko said...

I have so many names.. ;)
Well my official name in my passport is Jelena, which is a Latvian way of saying Alena which is a my real name in russian(since I'm russian), but according to Latvian Law it has to be writen in Latvian. Since I went to an American school in India for 8 years, noone could pronounce any of the two there so I had to come up with an alterntive. So since I was 10 everyone called me Helen (this name I like - Helen of Troy!), so making the long story short, you don't have to call me I come myself..haha

Boing said...

I am absolutely fascinated by names and their meanings so love this topic. We have found some weird ones when looking for my friends children's names recently. One factor that is often forgotten when choosing names is how kids could be teased with that name. Do the initials spell something? Can it be combined with other often used words to create new phrases or words which are not nice? My friend's son is called Tyde, which is a wonderful name, but we are always aware when we greet him - Hi Tyde - has a completely different meaning!! This is just a mild example, but some words can be used to tease kids horribly...

For years I was known by my second name Fiona, which is Gaelic for Pure or Fair Maiden. I absolutely hated my first name because kids at school used to tease me about it, but a couple of years ago a group from church was praying with me about some stuff and we felt God was saying that I should use my first name as a symbol of the work he was doing in my life. So, now to most people I am Varla, which is Scandinavian for Warrior Princess...
So I am a Fair and Pure Warrior Princess!

Jenners said...

My name is the very commonly found Jennifer. When I was a child, I HATED my seemed so boring. For a while, I insisted on writing my name as Jenni to make myself "stand out." When it was confirmation time (I was raised Catholic), the highlight for me was that you got to pick a confirmation name. At last, here is my chance to lively up my name ... the only catch was that it had to be a saint's name. So I did my research and narrowed it down to Felicity and Prudence. I decided on Felicity. I was so excited! When I announced my big decision to my parents, my mom put the kibosh on it and I ended up with Marie. To this day, that still irks me!!!!!

Mari said...

I like my name. It's really Maribeth and I am called that at times, but many of my friends call me Mari.

reedwrites said...

Well...I suppose I should introduce myself.:) My name is Danielle. I'm the one the does the What Not to Name the Baby blog. lol.

To answer the question, I like my name, it's nice and easy (at least i think). It means "God is my judge" (if you knew the whole story about my name you could tell my mom was on a biblical kick). It's pretty common, although I have had it mispelled and mispronounced more times than I can count--go figure. I was the only Danielle I knew for awhile, until high school and then there were 7 of us. I'm still good friends with 3 and usually I get called by my last name to differentiate--so I answer to that too. I gave my daughter an easy name as well (Audrey), because it's classic.

a corgi said...

I've grown to like my name. My first name is Betty Jean and I don't have a middle name but I don't like Betty Jean so I go by Betty and use Jean as my middle name. My mom liked Betty Jean and Donna Jean for girl names; my dad wasn't fond of Donna so that's why I'm Betty Jean.

some people think my first name is Elizabeth and my nickname Betty, but I'm a Betty through and through LOL

when we named our kids, we were very careful to pick names that we thought they would like and names that were traditional spelling; its amazing how many different forms you can think of for names like Ashley. I think they like their names; I'll have to ask.

good question :)


Claudia's thoughts said...

I like my name....I do not have a nickname, and never did. When someone calls "Claudia" I am 99% certain they are calling me..When Emily and I are out and she wants to get my attention she calls "Claudia" Every woman who had a child would look if she called "mom" When my mom was mad she would call "Claudia Jean" I knew there was trouble.........

Anonymous said...

Yes, I like my name, but I don't mind being called anything else either (for some reason people are always confusing my name with other peoples, so I will respond to almost any name if it is directed at me!)

~hon~ said...

I am delighted that you named your son "Elisha" and I'm sure he'll like it when he grows up.

I LOVE my name! It is very unique unless someone wants to ruin my happiness. hahaha1 JUST KIDDING!

My nickname is hon. That's all I could share for now. hehehe!

Btw, I like your name Elizabeth Rose.

posh post reviews said...

i like my real name pretty...but well, we can actually drop the Maria and it would be better. anyway, what i don't like about it is in the philippines, it is not common so i have to spell my name all the time

marriage markers said...

hehe it is quite uncommon. so people have a hard time understanding it. i remember ordering pizza at shakey's that i had to repeat my name 4 times,. on the 5th time, i gave my boss' name. lol

Aizan Suhaira said...

I like my name because it's unique. My friends call me by my first name, Aizan. But sometimes they call me Suhaira just for kicks. But Aizan suits my character better. Suhaira's a bit girlish.

But having a long name is sometimes very 'mafan'/troublesome. Like when filling up forms.

meili_lo said...

thanks for sharing me your names guyz..hopefully someday we get to meet each other face to face calling one another by our real / nick names.


SSQuo said...

I wasnt too crazy about my name. People say my personality is not a 'Ssquo'ian' type (real name of course). It's meaning is very pretty though 'the flower lotus'.

The thing is, its a old name, meaning, you dont find many young people with the name, but you'd be sure to find an Aunty, Grandma or a mom. I have met a bunch of people who have some relative with the same name, and none of them are below 63yrs for sure! :)

Still, I think, I have made it my own.

drNO said...

i love my name- noha, only a four-letter words, short and precise. a bit weird though.
anyway during my teenage years, i really would like to have a nickname, since everyone have one, but since my name is too short, they would just call me by my real name, until one day a friend start calling me 'noi'.


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