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Thursday, December 11, 2008



Yesterday was the 30th day of shewrites, and for those 30 days, I've been wondering if I should comment on the comments of those who commented on my blog :o) I've visited around some of your blogs and I've seen 3 kinds of bloggers and I don't know which one is best:

Type A: comments 100% on those who comment. If she gets 5 comments from the readers, she has another 5 comments to either say thanks or whatsoever. So if I get 50 comments from the readers, I'll have to make another 50 to address all of them in my post... which will give me no time to visit and comment on other's posts...

Type B: doesn't comment at all... for the past I belong here. I don't comment on my posts, but I do visit your blogs and post comments there. But there are some of you who ask questions on my posts and I want to answer them, but sometimes I forget the answer the moment I visit your blog and comment on your post.

Type C: comments only on some of the comments, particularly those who ask questions. But I wonder if it offends those unacknowledged comments. Like if I get 18 comments, I comment on let's say 5 people - will it leave the other 13 hurt because it seemed like I didn't acknowledge their responses?

So to make it safe on everyone, I don't usually post comments on my blog's post as reaction to my readers comments... Although I really would like to do so because it appears to be like a discussion also and interactive. But afraid that if I don't do it on 100% of the comments, I might offend someone... So help me out fellow bloggers :o)

Should we comment on the comment?
A. Yes (like type A? or C?)
B. No like type B
C. Others (pls. specify)

Oh, and if you're the commenter on my post, do you usually comeback to see if I reacted on your comments?


A. Yes (like type A or C?)
B. No like type A
C. Others (pls. specify)


Anonymous said...

I try to reply to most comments, but some don't really need replying to. I think it is good to reply at least to answer questions, and yes I check back to pages I have commented on to see if I got a reply

Brenda Susan said...

You are so cute! I'm new at this too & I agree with C. Just comment to comments that ask a question. My feelings don't get hurt if not commented on my comment. It is a little frustrating to want to have a chat but I remind myself that this system is more for blogging than chatting, like myspace.

bfs said...

Most of us don't go back and read the blog we already commented on ... unless the subject was especially emotional or of interest. So most don't go looking to see if the comment was 'acknowledged.'

I would much rather you come visit me and spread some ♥ that way!


Lee said...

I only comment on comments when needed or when I think of something I need to say. It becomes too big a task otherwise.

missy said...

i think if there is a question....yes you can answer it right there in your own comments section.(or i guess you could send an email if you are afraid you are going to hurt others?!!?) but if you visit other blogs and leave comments i think that is great!!! i do not think there is enough time in a day to comment on each comment that is left. wow that gets a little weird!!!!

Debbie said...

Good question. To comment or not to comment. I share your pain. LOL I never know where I should comment and I know that I've ignored people/bloggers/commentors before... but never on purpose. And to be honest, none of us have the time to comment on every comment we get. (well, I do,as I only get a few, but that's beside the point. LOL )
I am not thin skinned tho, so no worries about commenting on this comment.
(sigh) I'm making myself laugh over how many times I can write comment in this....comment. AND, I've not answered your question at all, only commented.

meili_lo said...

hihi... this is fun and i sure am looking forward to what the rest of the bloggers have to say! :o)

whew! it's finally good to get this off my chest...

thanks u all...

Boing said...

I would say you should be free to comment on those comments you feel you need to respond to, without worrying of upsetting others. I know I don't comment, expecting a reply. Obviously if a question is asked then a reply of some form is sought, but most of the time we are all sharing our thoughts, not looking for individual responses. I do however think the way you go to other people's blogs and leave comments for them there is also special, so don't stop that either. responding to each individual comment could get out of control so I don't think you should feel pressured to do that.

Ultimately, this is YOUR blog so should be done the way YOU want it done!

Henry the Dog said...

Well I don't get many comments, so it's quite easy for me to say hello to everyone. I also think it depends on the nature of the post. If the post is asking a question, or encouraging some feedback (and I don't mean like yours - yours is different) then I think it is polite to comment. Also, if the person commenting asks a question, it should be responded to. Some blogs I noticed never get any comments from the author even when the people commenting have asked a question. I can't help feeling that is the sign of the blogger being up his or her own bottom and I tend not to go back.

Some blogging sites are so popular it would be impossible for the author to comment on everything.

I never expected comments from you on this site - instead I go back to have a look at what other folk have written.

Posh Post Reviews said...

i don't really think that people would come back after they have commented. i have noticed that in my blog. i think only less than 1% really do come back to check their comments out.

Marriage Markers said...

mostly i comment, but i don't think they really do care. :-) so don't stress yourself into thinking that you really have to reply. :-)

Flowersbythewayside said...

hi there! hey, no problem, if u have time you can comment. if u have nothing to say, it's okay. :-)

Mari said...

I'm a B person. I don't go back to blogs I've visited to see if there's a comment to me. If someone asks a question in their comment, I try to either e-mail them or I leave an answer at their blog. I guess to each his own - right?

~hon~ said...

If I get 50 comments, which never happened yet, I'll just have an all-in-one comment. If there are no questions, I'll just say thanks to everyone and give my regards. If there are questions, I will answer but sometimes, I visit their blogs first so I comment on the blogs and have less time to comment on my comments in my blog. So, just make an all-in-one comment or a collective one like addressing to each comment in one comment if it's only like 3-5 comments. Now, I don't want to sound confusing but for you, don't worry about it since you have too many comments and you are a busy wife and mom, too. We understand, my dear friend, Meili.


Shannon Jacobyansky said...

You have such a sweet and gentle spirit. It is touching that you wish not to offend anyone. I wouldn't worry to much about answering every question. Sometimes people are just expressing their thoughts on the subject at hand through the use of a question.

I have to admit, I love when you visit my blog and leave comments!

French Fancy said...

I am definitely in the A camp. If someone leaves a comment on my blog I think it is rude if I don't leave a comment directed at that person acknowledging their interest. In this way I feel I have built up a good friendship with many people in Blogland.

I don't like it if I leave a comment on someone's blog and they do not say something back to me. I always go back and check whether or not they have responded.

Anonymous said...

I have to go with C. I don't want to feel obligated to comment on a comment on a blog. Also, sometimes time does not allow for me to respond to comments and visit all the other blogs I want to visit.

Mary said...

Since I like receiving comments, I post replies on the author's blog. If it is something I'm interested in I check the box to "email follow-up comments" in the comment box. I like reading other points of views.

So I say, answer comments when you want to, not based on how many you receive.

Alen4ik Litvinenko said...

I love this post, oh I wish I got so many comments on my posts that I wuold not have time to :) Well since that's the case I usually try to reply to comments that have questions, otherwise I just acknowledge that the comment is there and that reminds me once again to go and check out that persons blog actually, which I think is a great thing! :)

Jenners said...

I used to not comment on comments but then read something from someone else about how nice it is and tried to start doing it but then it got a little tricky and then people have to come back to see it and it all gets confusing.

If someone comments on my blog, I try to "repay" the favor by visiting their blog to comment too. I think this might be the best way as who doesn't like to get comments...and then you don't have to remember to go back to see if you got a comment on your comment. You can also get comments sent to your e-mail address and sometimes you can respond individually via e-mail to someone who has left a comment with a question. This works great for handling direct questions and for having a conversation if needed. Mostly, though, I try to visit other blogs.

The other thing I've been wondering about with commments is whether or not to comment when I don't have anything thoughtful to say. I always try to comment in some meaningful way about what they have written but sometimes I just say "cute photo" or "funny". Do you like getting comments that don'at have much meat or is anything OK?

Commenting takes up a significant portion of my blogging life ... but it is where so much of the fun is!!!

Love this question and the responses!

reedwrites said...

I am in agreement with most. I answer (or at least try to) sometimes--if there is a question or a comment that warrants a response. By the way, I DO sincerely appreciate the comments.:) And I don't think anyone would or should get offended if you don't comment 100%--one of the nicest things about blogging is that most of us recognize that we're all on different schedules and have different responsibilities outside of the blog sphere--so long answer short, don't worry about it! lol

avr said...

To comment or not to comment..that is the question. I agree with Brenda Susan, comment on those comments that have questions. It can get overwhelming if you try to comment on everything. I do not check if you have made comments on my comment. Thank you for this blog, I like it very much.

SSQuo said...

I respond to comments and say something if I feel like it and have something to say. I do acknowledge people's comments if I have the time, even it is a simple, thanks.

If I place a comment on someone else's blog, I sometimes click on the 'sent follow up comments' to a particular email box. However I dont do it for say, One minute writer as I would have almost 70+ emails everyday and my Inbox would complain.

a corgi said...

good question! with my only journals, I usually only comment on a comment (and I do it through email) if someone asked me a question about something. I know some people send an email thanking me for comments I do on their journals; I think that is so neat I just sometimes don't have time. I rarely go back and read comments that I left on someone's journal so if they commented on my comment there, I won't see it. every once in awhile, not as often as I should, I do say thanks in an entry for all the comments gotten. I'm not sure what is proper etiquette, if there is one for this; interesting to ponder though


VP said...

It really depends on what YOU want to get out of your blog.

I want a conversation and structure my posts that way, so I respond to my commenters in my blog. Usually as one long comment unless I see an important point being made that needs answering straight away. Sometimes I'll do a summary comment, sometimes I do individual comments back to each person, it depends on what's being said.

If someone asks a question, I'll answer it in my comments, so that subsequent readers can see the answer. I'll also go to that person's blog and put the answer there, just in case they don't check back on me.

I'm also a regular visitor and commenter elsewhere to both my regular readers and one-off/infrequent visitors.

I think it's rude if the post's author doesn't acknowledge their comments in some way, no matter how small. I've stopped reading a number of bloggers who do this (and who don't appear to comment back on the originating commenter's blog) as I don't think they're contributing that well to the blogging community.

Sometimes the comments are so varied and make such good points, a follow-up post is needed. When that happens, I link to my contributors as a thank you.

However, I have lots of time to blog and an average of 10-20 comments per post. If it was more than that I wouldn't be able to cope with my current approach.

I've also written my approach to Commenting as part of my Comment introduction!

Phew - that was a lot to tell you!

meili_lo said...

thanks for sharing your thouhts everyone :o) we may all have different approaches but one thing I've confirmed, WE ALL LOVE COMMENTS... one thing I'm sure to do is visit your blog and leave a comment there too.

may not be all in the same day, but i will be there (wink)

i've never seen "comment" so used as much as reading ur comments! hihi

Claudia's thoughts said...

This is kind of complicated..a person would spend all their time commenting and not get anything else done. I have tried entries entitled QUESTIONS, ANSWERS AND COMMENTS. I will try to answer questions and explain things. But I wait till I have a few days of things to say.


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